Elections are being held in Europe, racism is increasing and…

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Racism is on the rise in Europe. There are enough reasons for its rise, and immigrants are one of the main reasons. Yes, immigrants are a big problem for Europe. Millions of people are trying to come to Europe, but when they come, they bring their own fears, cultures and beliefs with them. They benefit from the blessings of the country they come from, but for some reason they have major problems with adaptation.

They still think they are in the country they came from and behave like that. Finally, this became clearer when an Afghan man killed a German police officer and injured a citizen in Manheim, Germany, for criticizing Islam. Unfortunately, most of the immigrants do not change, cannot change, cannot adapt to the culture of the country they come from. They both benefit from the country’s economic resources and are foreigners to the country they live in.

We will see more clearly in the election results how this detail changes people. Unfortunately, the reason for the increasing anger against immigrants stems from the immigrants themselves. It is in the hands of immigrants to prevent the ever-spreading racism.

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