Does religion command killing? Can’t Islam be criticized?

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After an Afghan man stabbed someone criticizing Islam and killed a police officer in Germany, this question immediately comes to mind. ‘Can’t Islam be criticized?’

Muslims do not accept any religion other than Islam. They see their own religion as one religion. They claim that other religions are corrupt. They do not hesitate to criticize Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and other religions at every opportunity. They try to prove the superiority of their own religion by belittling other religions.

But they do not allow others to criticize their religion, question it and ask some questions. That’s why they either behead or stab and kill those who criticize. There are many examples of this. ISIS gave the worst of these examples.

Some Islamic authoritarians say that Islam needs to be updated, but they cannot tolerate this and kill those who say it.

Every religion is criticized. God is an invisible being. It is inevitable that the invisible thing will also be criticized. If someone criticizes your religion, killing them does not solve the problem, it only opens the veracity of the claims about religion into question.

While most Muslims do not even know their own religion, the threats and violence directed at anyone who questions them only reveal the truth of the claims.

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