Interesting perception of Mc Donalds in two 7-year-old children

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Reactions against McDonalds continue all over the world. Worldwide sales of the famous restaurant chain have fallen by around 10 percent and continue to fall. This rate was announced as 3 per cent across the UK. Meanwhile, it is stated that recruitment at McDonald’s has decreased by around 35 percent.

At McDonald’s, which employs permanent staff especially during the summer months, new staff recruitment has been limited. When you enter some restaurants in London, you can see that managers are working in the kitchen and the staff is very few.

So, what is the reason for this decline in McDonald’s? After the Israeli Franchise announced that it would give ‘free meals to Israeli soldiers’ during the Hamas-Israel war, sales began to decline rapidly. By the time McDonald’s America realized this, it was too late and they eventually took back all their restaurants in Israel. But that didn’t work. Because no one even knows that the restaurants were taken back. McDonald’s began to be remembered as a global brand that supports war and deaths in the world. That’s how it settled into perceptions. Let us give you an example that we experienced ourselves.

Two 7-8 year old children waiting for the bus at the bus stop said they wanted to eat a burger. They had their father with them. The dialogue between them went exactly like this.

-Dad, I wanted to eat a burger.
-Okay, I’ll get it right away, you wait here!
-Where will you buy it?
-There’s McDonalds, I’ll go and get it right away.
-Don’t buy from McDonald’s, dad, they are helping Israel.
-There is no other place.
-Then I gave up eating burgers, let’s eat doner kebab.

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