Inflation has fallen, but people’s habits will not come back anymore

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There was good news at the end of the last 3 years, with inflation in the UK falling to 2.3%, the lowest level in almost three years, just above the 2% target. This means prices are still increasing at a slower rate,

Prices are still high in the market and some products continue to increase. There is an increase especially in milk, oil and meat prices and it still does not seem possible to prevent this.

Meanwhile, due to the high inflation that has been going on for 3 years, all people’s habits have changed and there is an incredible stagnation in the markets.

Especially the entertainment industry such as restaurants, pubs, clubs, cinemas and theaters is officially in crisis and we will see theaters and cinemas closing very soon. The number of businesses closed, especially in Lonhdon, is incredible. While businesses were trying to escape from London, especially due to the exorbitantly increasing rents in High Street shops, small businesses started to employ their relatives instead of paying money to others in order to survive. People have now even forgotten the restaurants they go to on weekends with their families.

The result is this: inflation may fall further, but the people’s lost habits will not return.

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