He prayed the prayer of thanksgiving , but what about when he left?

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Reggie Regg- No one’s place in politics is guaranteed and everyone is as important or unimportant as the support the public gives them. Leading candidate for the SNP leadership, John Swinney, is expected to replace Humza Yousaf unopposed after a potential rival withdrew his bid.

When Humza Yousaf became the first minister last year, he performed the prayer of thanksgiving with his family and shared this photo on social media. We actually wondered what prayer he would perform after handing over the task to Swinney.

If you constantly start doing politics with religious images, after time those images will stop responding to your social life.

What do you think Humza Yousaf will start doing after leaving office?

I left, now I’m happy, I pray.
I came to save Scotland, but you did not understand me.

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