Perhaps a first in Asia. 41 people came back to life. For the first time, people were valued

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Rescue teams in India have finally rescued 41 workers trapped in a collapsed Himalayan tunnel for 17 days. While the workers who were trapped for 17 days came back to life, they became the reason for another success.

The least valuable thing in Asia is people. The easiest person to die is a human being. India is one of these countries. Perhaps for the first time, a great success is being achieved in Asia, where people die most easily and rulers are not held accountable.

We are both happy and surprised that there are people in India who care about the 41 workers and work extraordinarily to save them.

We thank the managers and rescue teams who know the value of people and do not abandon them to their fate.

Rescuers in India have freed 41 workers who had been trapped in a collapsed Himalayan tunnel for 17 days BBC

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