There is terrible pro-Israel repression. Elon Musk exploded under this pressure

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“What’s this advertising boycott going to do, it’s going to kill a company and the whole world will know those advertisers killed the company,” Musk said.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, 52, issued a scathing mesa at the 2023 DealBook Summit in New York after several companies, including Disney, recently pulled their ads on X, formerly known as Twitter, due to anti-Semitic posts.
‘Elon Musk Tells Companies Who Want to ‘Blackmail’ Him With Advertising to ‘Go F— Yourself’

Like Elon Musk, we will say the same thing openly to companies that threaten him and x. ‘Gd fuck yourself’

Let’s say something that no one dares. Jewish capital has surrounded all major companies. Because of this capital, they exert great pressure and buy the freedom of companies and cinema companies. If you say something against Israel, this lobby immediately steps in and starts to apply incredible pressure. You have to constantly make messages, movies, videos and documentaries praising Israel. You have to do this even if you don’t want to. Because the pressure on you does not give you the opportunity to do anything else.

Threatening a company just because X has anti-Semitic messages is committing complete cruelty and destroying the freedom of companies. We do not know how many media companies and large companies this capital threat forced to become pro-Israeli.

It is complete stupidity to portray Elon Musk as stubbornly anti-Semitic. If Musk had been another company, he would have collapsed under this pressure and had to do what was asked.

But this time, pro-Israeli companies hit the wrong rock.

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