Rich and good university graduates should be prevented from governing the state.

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If you ask me what kind of regime democracy is, let me tell you immediately: it is the presentation of the people who are asked to govern the state before the people and their election in this way.

The same thing happens in the UK. There are two parties that constantly change places, and there are two other parties that challenge these two parties. But why do others choose the party’s candidates and do the people vote?

In other words, democracy is not about the people being partners in the government, but about voting in the ballot box put in front of them to elect someone and ensuring that these preferred people come to power in the country.

In this respect, the idea of Remocracy is a very appropriate idea. At least it will prevent good school graduates from ruling the state. Good school graduates have made the world uninhabitable and unfortunately this order still continues. It is assumed that those who go to good schools with their father’s money and graduate with their father’s money will always be good people, but what is forgotten is that father’s money makes people lazy and away from taking responsibility.

That’s why children from rich families and good school graduates should definitely be prevented from coming to power. They are both far away from the public and do not have a responsible lifestyle.

The Conservatives have changed almost 12 leaders in 12 years, and one leader is worse than the other. But they put these leaders in front of the MPs and ensure their election.

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