Here are Reggie Regg’s projects that make you laugh but also make you think…

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Our writer Reggie Regg, who entered politics by establishing his own party a month ago, has announced nearly 20 projects so far. Some of the projects announced so far by Regg, who explained that he founded the party under the name Conservative Labor Party as a reaction to the understanding of politics in the country, are as follows.

1-The main problems in the country are not immigrants or foreigners, but the prime ministers of the last 15 years. These presidents will be sent to Rwanda.
2-Elected names will be prevented from becoming prime minister. Regular university graduates can also become prime ministers. The system of good university graduates ruling the country will be ended.
3-All leaders who support the war will be sent to the front line to fight and will be prevented from making speeches.
4-No taxes will be collected from the royal family’s assets and their share of taxes will be increased by 400 percent.
5-It will be easier to give honorary awards to relatives of the prime minister or party supporters.
6-Journalists will be paid a salary from the covert allowance and will be enabled to defend the government.
7-Thieves will be under state protection and will be given the best thief certificate.

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