The question is: Where did the perpetrator of the sword attack get the sword?

Can the use of swords be banned in kebab shops? This is the first question that comes to mind
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There are some important questions that come to mind after the Hainault sword attack: While describing the horror, witnesses said that the young man carrying the sword was swinging the sword like a war soldier. The young man who swings the sword like a soldier may have learned this by watching lots of movies. He may even have thought that he was playing a game with that sword.

But the problem is: Where did this young man find the sword? We know that swords are not sold everywhere like knives. One of the places where the sword is frequently used is kebab shops. I wonder if the swords used to cut doner kebabs fell into the hands of the murder suspect?

There has been a 20 percent increase in stabbing deaths and injuries in London in recent years.

Can kebab shops be obliged not to use swords? But this is not the problem; It should be investigated why young people start killing people so easily. If the killer can be found, we can make a judgment based on his social identity.

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