Starmers’ mission: To make people trust this country again

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New prime minister Keir Starmer started thank you tours for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Starmer will meet with the people who voted for him or not and explain what they will do with the Labor Party and where to start the change. Before that, the UK constituents will begin a new level of engagement with their leaders. It will embrace everyone and Starmer will push the button for a new UK.

Starmer has a lot to do, but we think the most important thing is; To ensure that the people regain their trust in this country.

To determine a new policy that will enable workplaces, homeowners, mortgage holders, tenants, the unemployed, the homeless, those waiting for a house from municipalities, that is, everyone, to trust this country again. To create a new sense of trust between the people and the state, between the people and the government, and to make them trust their country again.

During the 14-year Conservative Party rule, the people lost their trust in this country. The people abandoned their habits. Thousands of businesses have closed. People are now leaving the UK and choosing countries where they will live better.

Starmer’s job is difficult, but he has no choice. Workers’ Party members have to make good use of the power they gained after 14 years.

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