It seems like a beautiful blonde woman won’t get the majority

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A second round of elections has been held in France, with the far-right National Rally (RN) coming to power in the second round of parliamentary elections held on Sunday, July 7, but falling short of a majority, raising the spectrum of a chaotic parliament,CNA reported.

Although it is important for the far right to gain a majority, it has become more important for it to be controllable in the parliament. In particular, the left’s calls to ‘unite against the far right’ were effective, and some of the people cast their votes to prevent the far right party from coming to power.

What will happen next?
Parties that call for unity against the far right must look at what the people want and determine a policy that will solve the people’s problems. The source of the problem is clear: Why do people vote for the far-right party?

When centre-right and left parties find the answer to this question, they will also prevent the votes of the far right from increasing. For this, they need to study well. If they insist on the old order, RN may come to power alone in the next election, receiving the majority of the votes.

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