D-Day and other commemorations should be to prevent new wars

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King Charles and the Prince of Wales joined world leaders and veterans at a series of events to mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Remembering and reminding the war of 80 years ago should be a reason to prevent new wars from happening. There should be no reason to start new wars.

We are grateful to all veterans for D-Day, but what really matters is that these wars and veterans set an example to prevent new wars from breaking out.

On the other hand, the UK, which celebrates D-Day, should not support the Israel-Hamas war and the Russia-Ukraine war, but the celebrations are to learn a lesson, to commemorate the heroes created by the war and to ensure the birth of new post-war heroes.

Meanwhile, Turkish Leader Erdogan said the following about the soldiers who fought and died with the separatist Kurdish organization. ‘Martyrs Hill will never remain empty. ‘ His two children did their military service as a mercenary and never even served in the military.

It is useful to look at commemorating the heroes of D-Day from this perspective.

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